First ride of 2019-2020

The hunt for a good Poker Run trail started early this year due to exceptionally good early snow. 

Several of the Sled Dawgs members headed out this morning with the intent of finding a good trail but what happened is that we spent about 5 hours breaking trail and getting each other unstuck over a route of about 75 kilometres (47 miles).  The snow was thigh deep for most of the trail today and although we were all exhausted we all had a good time. 

There were many comments on this being the best snow we have had in the Dawson area in at least four years. This will be one of many rides the Sled Dawgs will take to find an acceptable Poker Run trail and then to clear the trail to make it safe and then to finally groom it several times to get a good stable base. 

Thanks to all the volunteers that came out today.